Blind Cleaning

The blinds are removed from the windows by our professional technicians and taken outside to our mobile cleaning unit. Inside the truck, the blinds are washed in a tank with warm soapy water and ultrasound. The sound waves in the water thoroughly wash the slats, the strings, inside the head rail, and mechanism. The blinds are then rinsed utilizing a water soluble sheeting agent which allows the blinds to dry very quickly and without water spots; it also pulls the static electricity out of the blinds so they tend not to attract dust as quickly. When dry, the blinds are replaced in the windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide services for commercial buildings and offices?
A. Yes! In addition to residential service, we can clean blinds used in commercial or industrial locations.

Q. What kind of chemicals do you use to clean the blinds?
A. We use warm soapy water mixed with a nontoxic, biodegradable soap. This leaves you with sparkling clean blinds that you will thoroughly enjoy. Not only will they look clean they will also smell fresh. We then reinstall the blinds back to thier proper windows.

Q. Does the cleaning method make a mess?
A. The process is very clean and efficient. Your home or office will not be affected because the work is done in the truck.

Q. How does Ultrasonic cleaning work?
A. We place the blinds in our machine full of warm soapy water and inject powerful sound waves, which gently clean the slats, cords, and head rail. The process is comparable to a jewelry cleaner.

Q. Can you get mold out?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you service my area?
A. Please refer to the list of communities below to see if we provide blind cleaning services in your area. If you live in Orange County or Riverside County and do not see your city listed, we probably provide services in your area. Please call us to inquire about service!

Q. Is the cleaning really performed at my home?
A. Our blind cleaning service can now be done onsite at your location. Utilizing our mobile ultrasonic cleaning method our technicians carefully remove the blinds from your home or office windows and transport them to our high tech mobile unit onsite where all the blind cleaning is done.